All You Need To Know About Carbon Footprint And Its Importance

carbon foot print is causing global warming

INTRODUCTION We all must understand the concept of Carbon footprint and how we are contributing to it. You may like to read What Are Alternative Fuels? Types, Benefits, and Importance CARBON FOOTPRINT This term is defined as the whole amount of greenhouse gases that are being released into the environment. Greenhouse gases include methane and […]

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Tar Sands Extraction Destroying Environment – Causes, Effects, Solutions

sand tar extraction is destroying our planet

INTRODUCTION Tar sands extraction is destroying the environment by causing ecological problems for the living ecosystem. TAR SANDS It is known as oil sands, bituminous sand, or crude bitumen Tar Sands is defined as unconventional petroleum sediment. It is a mixture of naturally occurring water, clay, sand, and a thick substance named bitumen. Bitumen is […]

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Impact of Heavy Metal Pollution on the Environment

heavy metals pollution contaminates air water and soil

INTRODUCTION Heavy metals are chemical elements that are toxic in nature even in smaller concentrations and some are often categorized as carcinogenic. HEAVY METALS Heavy metals are usually described as elements with higher atomic mass, densities, or atomic numbers. EXAMPLES OF HEAVY METALS The common examples of heavy metals are lead (Pb), thallium (Tl), chromium […]

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What are sinkholes? Causes and Effects

sinkholes are known as cenote, sink-holes and formed due to natural and anthropogenic activities

INTRODUCTION Sinkholes are alternatively known as sink-hole, cenote, doline, swallow hole, or swallet. SINKHOLES Sinkholes or sink-holes are often defined as ground holes or depressions. The surface layer gets collapsed and forms a ground depression/hole. The size of sinkholes varies depending upon the causes of sinkholes. Check out Anthropogenic Factors That Cause Species Decline TYPES […]

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Agroforestry – Importance and Application in Pakistan

Agroforestry is gaining importance in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION Pakistan is an agrarian country, where the demand for food is increasing because of the growing population. Agroforestry is an agriculture practice that has various ecological, social, and economical advantages. You may like to read Sustainable Agriculture Practices and their Advantages AGROFORESTRY This term is defined as a unit of land use management systems […]

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What is Biofouling? Causes, Effects, and Solutions

biofouling and biological fouling are the same terms

INTRODUCTION Biofouling is also known as biological fouling. BIOFOULING This term is defined as the undesired or unwanted buildup of small animals, plants, or microorganisms such as algae on surfaces of submerged structures. Due to this buildup, the surfaces are prone to degradation, and the quality of the structures decreases gradually. EXAMPLES OF BIOFOULING Biofouling […]

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