Sustainable Green Living In Pakistan – Combat Climate Change


It is of no surprise to assert that Pakistan, one of the global South countries, is extremely vulnerable to the negative repercussions of climate change. This has been evident over the years with natural disasters afflicting extreme damage to the lives of people, property, and the overall economy of Pakistan. Most importantly, the floods of […]

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Beauty Standards And Their Impacts On Humans And Environment

Introduction: Beauty standards have existed in pretty much every culture and region across the world. The ideal physical appearance of a person most often have some really unattainable standards and unrealistic requirements for a person to be considered beautiful by majority in a society. Not only does this cause feelings of inferiority and unsatisfaction with […]

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What is E-Waste or Electronic Waste? – Sources and Impacts

What Is Meant By Electronic Waste? Also known as E-waste, electronic waste is the waste generated from electronic appliances when they are disposed off or discarded as waste. It includes the various internal circuit boards, silicon chips etc., that can potentially be reused or recycled. Electronic Waste further involves all sort of various different equipment […]

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The Drastic Need of Environmental Change in Pakistan


As a developing state, Pakistan is brawling with a range of environmental issues. From water scarcity and air pollution to soil erosion and deforestation, Pakistan is facing a dire need for environmental change. The ongoing situation of Pakistan’s environment demands immediate action and is deeply concerning. The country’s development and economic growth is inevitably associated […]

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Role Of Technology In Environment Protection And Restoration

Introduction: With all the advances in modern science and technology, their role in the protection, monitoring and restoration of the environment and its various aspects is prominent. It is with the use of the modern technology available to us that we are able to predict changes in the weather, measure pollutant concentration in air, form […]

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Clean and Healthy Environment: Protecting the Right to Life and Reducing Violent Crimes

INTRODUCTION The core idea of a clean and healthy environment is that all people are entitled to live in a healthy, clean, and safe environment. Protection of the Right to life through a clean and healthy environment, clean water, food, and air is a fundamental right granted by article 9 of the 1973 constitution of […]

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