What Are Common Indoor Air Pollutants? – Types And Sources

What is meant by ‘Indoor Air Pollutants”? Air pollutants are basically those substances that can affect the quality of the indoor air in a negative manner. This includes the air inside houses, closed spaces like residential apartments, commercial and administrative buildings, offices etc. Indoor air pollutants are harmful for the human health. For more information, […]

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Disastrous Environmental Impacts of Radioactive Waste

hazardous radioactive waste

Introduction Radioactive: Radioactive is a term that includes particle emission as a form of energy. Radioactivity: This term is defined as the emission of ionizing radiations from a radioactive substance. Ionizing Radiations: The ionizing radiations are electromagnetic waves that have the capability to ionize atoms. Radionuclide: It is an unstable atom that undergoes radioactive decay […]

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