10 Ways to Eradicate Solid Waste – Methods of Reducing Waste

composting is waste management technique.

Introduction: What is solid waste? Solid waste applies to a broad spectrum of rubbish materials that are abandoned as undesired and worthless as a result of animals’ and people’s actions. Amount of solid waste generated in a particular region by manufacturing, household, and commercial activities. Plastic, cardboard, glassware, aluminum, and biological garbage are all types […]

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10 Simple Ways To Go Paperless At Home And In Your Business

go paperless and save the environment

INTRODUCTION The generation of paper is one of the processes that cause environmental pollution. The machines that involve in paper production release greenhouse gases into the air causing global warming. Admittedly, air pollution is increasing day by day. Also, water pollution is going side by side and water quality is continuously being deteriorated by the […]

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Improper Management of Solid Waste in Pakistan and Its Effects

poor management of solid waste is causing environmental and social effects.

Introduction Solid Waste: Solid waste consists of non-soluble materials, semisolids, or solids. Non-soluble materials are sewage sludge, municipal garbage, mining residues, industrial waste, demolition waste, agricultural waste, gases and liquids in containers, etc. Solid waste being generated in Pakistan ranges from 0.283 to 0.612 kilogram per capita per day. The growing rate of waste production […]

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